The studio POINT is a private limited company run by: Jesper Laust Sørensen and Michael Droob, both architects MAA. We both graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy´s School of Architecture in 2003. Since 2009 we have worked professionally on projects together, and it quickly became clear that we both as individuals and architects complement each other extremely well. Our professional interests and visions have the same focus and our creative cooperation creates synergy and elevates the projects. From these experiences we established our joint company POINT Ltd. in May 2013. The studio is located at the B & W's old template loft at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.


Together we want to create architecture that makes positive contributions to the society. Our goal is to maintain a consistently high level and high integrity in all services. We wish that the studio is the professional capacity to naturally turn to when it comes to architecture and social sustainability.


Point Ltd. CVR. no. 35 23 75 69 has professional liability insurance at Tryg, no. 670-9.532.120.298, total insurance amount 15 million dkr.


At POINT we initiate all projects with dialogue. A clear, open and stable communication is the focal point in all good partnerships. Particularly in the initial phase, it is essential that expectations of users, client, consultants and other business partners are reconciled. We have good experience working for professional builders, such as DEAS that we have worked on numerous projects for or The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties that we have worked with on projects in both Frederiksberg garden- and the king's garden.