POINT was founded in 2013 by Danish architects Laust Sørensen and Michael Droob, both graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2003.


Our ambition is to create durable, aesthetically pleasing solutions that evoke positive emotions and creates good memories. We believe this is possible by uniting a pragmatic approach with an elegant architectural solution that brings to life the inherent poetry and the unique attributes of a place.


As long-time friends, architects and business partners we complement each other extremely well. We have the same focus and vision, and our combined professional strengths create synergy and elevate the projects.


We believe that communication is key. A clear, open and continuous dialogue is pivotal for good partnerships. Please feel free to contact us for a non-committal talk about our services and possible future collaborations.




Architecture´s starting point must be the people who use it!


For POINT, architecture is only successful when it contributes positively to human quality of life.

As a sensual sensory device and social body, human beings are influenced by its surroundings. We prioritize the potential of human encounters with the architecture; with others - and with themselves. For us, social sustainability is the primary design parameter and a prerequisite for the development of the best possible society.





Architecture must consider the unique identity of the place!


Our architectural approach prioritizes highlighting the existing qualities of a place while developing the hidden or untapped potential. The relationship between new and old should have a symbiotic relationship, where the place informs the project and the architecture becomes a gesture for the place. With this approach, we strengthen the local anchorage and secure the environmental sustainability.





Architecture should not just be pragmatic, it must also be poetic!


Without giving up on functionality, an elegant architectural idea can activate the inherent poetry of a place, evoke the place from itself, and make people aware of their own sensual being, right there. We give priority to making architecture that generates positive emotions and memories. That creates long-lasting aesthetic solutions and economic value.