5800 m2






Refurbishment and extension



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen


Betania is a privately owned nursing home in Copenhagen. The nursing home's obsolete housing must be brought up to current standards and a wide range of the nursing home facilities must be improved for the elderly and new ones added.


The existing program was reviewed, and we examined how the nursing homes functions could be optimized. Through this optimization , it was possible to transform the administration floor into a dementia unit with 10 new homes, bringing the total number of housing units up to 70. The 10 additional homes can provide additional income for the nursing home, and suit the wish from the municipality for  more nursing home places.


The extension of 1280 m2 makes it possible to optimize the accommodation units to modern standards. Through involvement of the users, it has been possible to optimize the use of public areas. The goal has been to promote the informal meeting between residents, ranging from the small possible meeting between two neighbors , to the large common areas for everyone.


The 360 m2 extension on the roof contains orangery, hairdresser, physiotherapy ,fitness and hydrotherapy in new open bright spaces . All of these spaces has direct access to the new large roof garden , offering the elderly an outdoor green space, something that they do not have access to today .