6000 m2






Public space



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob,




The project is based on human expression, interaction and social sustainability. The focal point is consistently the meeting between people, and the aim is to create a place that, as a first priority, facilitates openness and a stronger community.


The entire plaza is made into one big continuous surface; a large carpet that extends right out to the surrounding buildings and their entrances. The site can now be used in one large free flow, and disabled people have free and unrestricted access to all parts of the square.


The circle in front of The REP exchanges with the terrain by being lowered slightly. The circle serves as a shelter and meeting place for people waiting for public transport, or caught in a rain shower. At events the circle serves as a structure for a tent, and at winter it frames a skating rink.


The Circle in front of the library is made of tombac cladding. On the inside is one big circular LED screen. The screen can provide light, colour and atmosphere for any type of occasion. With sensors the LCD screen is made interactive and visitors can interact with the site.


The furniture helps to form local spaces that relate to their site. They exchange with the surface thus helping to make the place livelier. They are all conceived as big social fields of opportunity.



The carpet


The canopy circle


The interactive circle


The memorial


Trees and furniture


Meeting people