36.000 m2






Mixed use



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Peter Gamborg, Chris Thompson, Pernille Skov, Rasmus From




Ørestad is Copenhagen's new district to the south. Ørestad is divided into three districts. The Crown House is located in Ørestad South and has a large public square as a neighbor.


The intention is to create an urban environment that is spatially organized in different levels of public and private spaces. A place that invites the districts citizens within, but at the same time gives the residents choices of private space.


The house consists of 3 layers: in the bottom there are shops. Above the shops are offices and at the top there are apartments.


The housing is designed as a lift block housing standing on feet. Thus, public life can pass freely through the house. The ground plan is divided into public shopping streets. Above the shops are divided into smaller spaces and places that become progressively more private, the higher they are in the building.


The purpose of The Crown house is to create a socially sustainable building with a local environment where the social relations between people are the most important.