Competition, 1. Prize



Point de Vué



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Chris Thompson, Rasmus From




Frederiksberg Palace Garden is one of the best examples of a romantic garden in Denmark, and with over 3 million visitors annually one of the most visited


The starting point for the project was an open ideas competition organized by the Palaces and Properties Agency. The aim of the competition was to bring Frederiksberg Have a new element that could be included in the architectural context of the rest of the garden. A unanimous jury awarded the project "The Crown Throne & the Kissing Bench" first Prize. The competition proposal is a Point de Vue on Andebakke Island at the end of the palace axis in Frederiksberg Gardens.


The garden design today is based on the original plan drawings from 1797, by the head palace gardener Peter Petersen. On this plan there is plotted an architectural element on Andebakke Island as a significant end of the garden's main axis. The aim of this project is to restore the historical context.


The project's strong vertical design emphasizes and completes the original ideas of Frederiksberg Gardens. The project will, in a contemporary architectural and sculptural design, develop and comment on both the Baroque and the Romantic traditions. Through the creation of an architectural element in the gardens bearing axis, the palace relationship to Andebakke Island is strengthened and the depth of the garden shown.



The original plan of the garden from 1797 by Peter Petersen