1932 -


Rams is an industrial designer, closely associated with functionalism and the company Braun. He made a wide range of products with a timeless quality, which still influences product design today.


Rams introduced a number of sustainability aspects in the 1970s. He asked himself the question of what he produced was good design and responded with his famous 10 principles for good design:


"I've always avoided the discussion of beauty and instead argued for design that is as simple, accurate and user friendly as possible. The only way forward is less-but-better: back to purity, back to simplicity. "


In our quest for simplicity, Dieter Rams and his approach are an ongoing source of inspiration.




BRAUN TP1 1959


The portable radio and record player are one of Dieter Ram's most important and famous products. It received the Supreme Award in 1961 at Interplas Exhibition, London.


As a product, it sums up his principles of simple design with the user at the center. It is a landmark in Dieter Ram's career and his ultimate contribution to the Neo-functional style. No unnecessary parts. The design can be seen as the beginning of reducing size and simplifying the interface of products. An approach that can be seen in a straight line to, for example, Jonathan Ive's design for Apple.