80 - 250 m2



Concept development



Patio house



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob,  Lieven Dhollander, Panagiotis Chatzigrigoriou, Sofie Dascotte




With the Flower House we introduce a new living typology.


The new typology turns the inside out on the traditional dwelling and the central living space of the house becomes a patio. An outdoor space that provides privacy and shelter while allowing the sun to enter all day long. The main spaces of the house are connected like beads on a string and all has direct access to the patio. The house can be composed in an endless number of ways according to wishes for spaces and size.


The configuration provides a strong sense of social unity with the patio in the center. The individual rooms are angled to include the qualities of the surroundings, or shield against views you would like to avoid. The surrounding nature is integrated in the house and when possible, existing trees become part of the interior garden. Along the patio a pergola shelters you from rain and frames the sky.



01 Choose spaces

02 Configuration

03 Social unity

01 Choose spaces

02 Configuration

03 Social unity

04 Visual connections

05 Place integration

06 Sun all day long

07 Framing the sky

08 Collecting rainwater

09 Shelter

Size: 80 m2

Size: 100 m2

Size: 130 m2