7500 m2



Commission · PATRIZIA Denmark A/S



Work Places for Media Group



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Ida Månsson, Filip Juhl, Casper Skaftved, Ana Ilharco, Emma Wang, Ulé Grineviciute




The developer; Patrizia Immobilien AG, has just bought all the properties on the plot for 1 billion. dkr. The largest tenant Group M is part of the world’s largest media agency and American-owned. The Danish division has a total of 7500 m2 and consists of 5 different agencies.


All spaces have been optimized, to be able to compare the building to American standards. We have moved the entire entrance area to a more centrally located place in the buildings, and opened up a large spatially coherent social field of possibilities. The company will, unlike today have a unique opportunity for social interaction between the individual agencies. This improves the sharing of knowledge within the entire organization.


We make a much larger canteen than today. By double exploitation of this space as informal meeting spaces, and more space for temporary work places, we get a utilization rate that is 40 percent better than today.



Existing entrance


The existing entrance is not centrally placed  and does not function as a main entrance.

New main entrance


The new main entrance is centrally placed and function as a main entrance.