1500 m2






Natural history museum



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Chris Thompson




There has been mining in Jøssing fjord for centuries. Just as long, the canyon rock landscape that meets the fjord has been populated by small wooden houses. The two most photographed wooden houses in Norway, 2 small cabins have been protected by the rock Helleren for more than 200 years.


The new building houses a local history museum. The houses are made of local wood on a common plinth of stone. They refer to the local history. With their changing directions they connect the seas short horizon line with the stone wall of Helleren, in the bottom of the fjord.


The public can walk over the building, just as the rest of the landscape. In the building you move upwards from the heavy stone base towards the light and ease of the exhibition spaces upstairs.  You can freely circulate in the 3 spaces. The individual exhibition buildings large deep windows frames significant historical images of the surrounding landscape.