Sculptural narrative



Michael Droob, Laust Sørensen, Chris Thompson




This project is a tribute to the song “The Girl From Ipanema”.


Helô Pinheiro, a beautiful young girl, inspired Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim to write the song in 1962. Helô walked past on her way to the sea, while they were sitting in the bar “Veloso”. In the project, her route to the ocean is marked with sculptures.


Ipanema became world famous with the song “The girl from Ipanema”, the area flourished and became the hangout for artists and intellectuals. The street Montenegro has been renamed “Rua Vinicius de Moraes. The bar Veloso has been renamed “The girl from Ipanema”.


The words, the nodes and the water, are components that are all used to materialize the story, exactly at the place where it originates from. The project forms an “Ipanema sheet music”. The path marks the direction of the narrative.


The project received funding from the National arts foundation, and is helped locally by the Danish Cultural Institute.



“A golden teenage girl, a mixture of flower and mermaid, full of light and grace, the sight of whom is also sad, in that she carries with her, on her route to the sea, the feeling of youth that fades, of the beauty that is not ours alone — it is a gift of life in its beautiful and melancholic constant ebb and flow.”


Vinicius de Moraes