1200 m2



Competition, 4th Prize



Geological museum and cinema



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Ebbe Lykke & Chris Thompson




There has been mined calcium limestone in the quarry since the early 1200's. The limestone is approx. 63 million years old and rich in fossils.


Historically Faxe city has turned its back at the industry in the quarry. The industrial retirement in the quarry opens a possibility to turn to a unique landscape and make it an active part of the city. The quarry could now be used as a recreational area. The house will include a natural history museum, two theaters and a cafe.


In the new cultural hub two conditions meets; the city that forms a monumental roof containing cafe and cinemas, while the exhibition with its terraced landscape under the roof, has clear references to the quarry. From Faxe city the building provides a gateway to the future cultural landscape with an unobstructed view of the quarry. From the quarry the building with its horizontality and simple form emphasizes the magnificent landscape.