830 m2






Villa for two families



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Lieven Dhollander, Tommaso Antonicelli, Panagiotis Chatzigrigoriou


Decor by Nadia Schnack


The Villa was originally designed by Valdemar Schmidt and built in 1914 as the Aller family’s private residence. The main building has two original additions; a small extension to the east and a bay window to the south. The two additions strengthen the playfulness and romantic expression of the house.


Different owners of the property had disregarded the original expression with an additional building and less fortunate remodeling’s. The current owner wanted the house to regain its authenticity, and it had to be remodeled to accommodate two families each with their own needs.


The property is expanded with a new pavilion to the south with the main facade facing the garden. The materiality and detailing of the new building support the original house. The high, slender doorways of the pavilion frame the view to the old garden with the church in the background.


The roof of the main house is renewed with seven new dormers and the roof of the old extension is transformed to a roof terrace. The covered terrace that leads to the garden has been transformed into an atmospheric conservatory with arched window sections, where the warm light is filtered through the crowns of the old trees.


All the rooms in the house have tailor-made solutions with built-in furniture and carefully selected colors, wallpapers and textiles that support their function and character.


After the thorough renovation, the characteristic romantic and romantic expression of the place has once again become present, both externally and internally.



Before the transformation

After the transformation

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor