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War memorial for sailors



Laust Sørensen, Michael Droob, Ule Grinevicute.




The memorial park, by Professor Kaj Gottlob and  Axel Andersen. Inaugurated on May 5th 1950.


April 9th 1940 there were 245 Danish ships outside Denmark, manned by 6,300 Danish sailors. The Danish sailors were in an exile situation that we want to illustrate poetically in our proposal for a new memorial.


The memorial stone is made in granite with inlay of a compass rose and the inscription in bronze. The transition between the small plaza and the basin is made in granite. The overflow of the water is handled in this space. The basin is made of bronze. White water lilies flows on the water mirror.


The memorial stones compass rose has been chosen to relate to the sailors and the inscription tells who the memorial is erected for. The circular shape of the basin symbolizes the oceans of the world. The water lilies symbolize the Danish sailors who could not return home as long as the war lasted. This story is enhanced by the shape of the basin that prevents the water lilies to come close to the edge.